Shipping Rules


We consider each order a custom order, and carve each steak the day the order ships. Once cut, each steak is immediately packed in a beautiful vacuum sealed package, labeled to describe cut and weight, and then placed in an environmentally friendly, biodegradable insulated container.  We use reusable ice packs that combined with the insulation, ensure that you receive your steaks in the same quality that they left our facility.

We ship your steaks fresh, ready for cooking when you receive them. At no additional cost we do offer to freeze your order so you can always have extra steaks on hand for those unannounced guests or that surprise barbecue you decided to make at the last minute.


All of our orders are shipped via Fed Ex.  You will receive a Fed Ex tracking # for your order so that you can either call Fed Ex (800-463-3339) or log on to their website ( to find out exactly when your order will arrive.  Our instructions to Fed Ex require them to leave the package at your shipping address without signature.  If you would like to have someone sign for it upon delivery, please check the appropriate box on our checkout page.  Please note, we cannot be held responsible for missed deliveries due to signature issues as our product is highly perishable.


***Given the current situation and the significant increase in orders, we will still make every attempt to ship same day.  Further, we are shipping Friday for Saturday whenever possible.  Please contact us if you have any question about your requested delivery date.  We're doing our best to expedite shipping, but quality is always our top priority.*** 

Our regular shipping days are Monday through Thursday.  If you place your order by 8am on Monday through Thursday it will ship that same day for delivery following day.  If you place your order after noon on Thursday it will be shipped on Monday for Tuesday morning delivery. 


Your steaks will arrive fresh (unless you elect to have them arrive frozen by checking the appropriate box on our checkout page).  If you store them in the refrigerator and you have not opened the vacuum sealed package, they will remain fresh for 14 days.  If the package is opened, it will remain fresh for 2 days.  If you elect to freeze some or all of your steaks, or if they arrive frozen as specified, they will be good for up to 6 months.  Please note that frozen steaks may thaw during shipment.  It is still perfectly safe to put them in your freezer when they arrive.