prime beef collection

Dry Aged For 28 Days

Our offerings exult in a depth of flavor while enjoying a marvelous texture and marbling that easily rivals the steakhouse experience.
We offer a wide array of steaks dry aged to perfection, then carved by an expert butcher to provide you, your family and guest with the best steak they've ever had!
Our Dry Aging Room

New York Prime Beef is home to a newly constructed, state of the art dry aging facility. Under carefully monitored temperature and humidity our steaks are dry aged for 28 days before being hand selected at the peak of flavor and tenderness. It may take time and painstaking attention, but we believe that the results of the aging process merit the extra effort and expense.

Our dry aged short loins are 16-18 lbs of what is literally the best steak in the world. And they can be ordered two ways:

Custom or Packaged

To order Custom:

On the day of your order we will select one of our newly arrived short loins, carefully set it up in our dry-aging room, brand it with your name and 28 days later, carve it to your specifications and ship it overnight to your selected destination.

To order Custom:

We have 4 collections waiting to be carved from a short loin that has just completed the 28 day dry aging process.